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         Guangzhou Li Xin Machinery Science & Technology Co., Ltd. is an independent company set up in China, mainly selling labeling machines, sets of standard machine series products.
         Guangzhou Li Xin Technology Co., Ltd. Since its establishment, development, research has now been in for many years, engaged in labeling machines, sets of standard machine manufacturing plant. Produced by labeling machines, sleeve labeling machine, regardless of speed and accuracy are the other leading brands, high quality, technological leadership, reputation quite good, product marketing in Europe, the Middle East, South America, Southeast Asia and other countries in the world.
         Li Xin machinery Design and manufacture of a comprehensive multi-year experience in various industries for the labeling, sleeve packaging requirements, from the mechanical structure, circuit design, intelligent control and improve productivity to analyze the direction of improvement, introduction of the all new generation in line with GMP requirements The labeling machine, sets of standard machine series, Li Xin machinery and lead you into the label, sleeve of a new realm.
         The company's design department continue to devote themselves to research and development, leading the use of advanced AC servo motor, high speed, positioning, high stability, so that servo Ma Date of perfect play, and labeling at up to 1,200 times per minute, single-caps-standard speeds of up to 600-700 bottles per minute (standard bottle of 500-600ml, elevation 100mm), and in no way out of step, in the high-quality, high-energy, high-precision, under the demand remained stable, reasonable and Xin machinery using microcomputer control system and user-friendly operator interface, as long as a boot, the system had to complete all the conditions of labeling and sleeves calculus and preparation, press the start button can be put up, and sets out the perfect product, advanced self-diagnostic function to lead the labeling, presentation marked a new trend.
         Guangzhou Li Xin (packaging) Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. Since its establishment, respectively in eastern, central and southern China, southwest, northeast and other regions to set up offices, companies adhering to sustainable services and constant pursuit of the business concept will be happy to provide you with excellent products and perfect services, and to world demand and technology as the main mode of thought, innovation. Li Xin Machinery Science & Technology Development is willing to join hands with you, a total of close fruitful.


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