3 Best Free YouTube Proxy Sites to Unblock Video Sites 2019

YouTube is one of the most popular and prevalent video platforms available on the web for all the users. This website has millions of active visitors on a daily basis. On this platform, the users can watch their preferred movies, TV shows, event, tutorials and a lot more stuff all at one place.

Google and three former employees of PayPal own this free online video platform and they initiated this website for all the customers in the year 2005.

Usually, in most of the schools, colleges and workplaces, the management or the admin blocks specific video sites in order to evade the usage of such sites during work time.


If you need access to such blocked video websites, we are here to help you in the best way. Using the free YouTube proxy server websites, the users can easily unblock the videos on this YouTube website. There are numerous YouTube proxy websites available on the web for all the users.


YouTube proxy websites helps the users in unblocking the video websites on YouTube platform with much ease in just few moments. We have numerous video websites available on the web that include YouTube, Daily Motion and a lot more.

In order to acquire access to different unblocked videos on YouTube website, you can check out the detailed tutorial provided below in this post. Here is a list of the best Free YouTube Proxy Sites to Unblock Video Sites 2017 for all the users. Have a look!

3 Best Free YouTube Proxy Server Websites 2019

Here, we have compiled the list of the best free YouTube Proxy Server websites in order to unblock different video sites with much ease.

1. Watchproxy.com

Watchproxy.com is one of the most popular free YouTube Proxy server websites available on the web. This website allows the users to acquire access to unblocked videos on YouTube without any hassle.

On this website, the admin updates proxy servers and latest features on a frequent basis.

  • This website has its private dedicated server for all the users.
  • This website offers complete protection to the users as it scans various sites and also boosts the security.
  • The users can pick their preferred IP address on the location that they wish to stream unblocked videos.

watch proxy

2. Glype Proxy Server

Glype Proxy Server is another popular proxy server websites that lets the users to unblock various video websites such as YouTube, RedTube, xHamster, and a lot more.

  • This site lets the users to acquire complete access to watch various unblocked videos from various video sites.
  • The users need not have to register to acquire services of this website and it is completely free to use.

Glype Proxy Server

3. Pinproxy

PinProxy is another best proxy server website that provides the best IP address protection and SSL security as well.

  • This is completely free to use proxy server website but it could eventually harm your PC.
  • You need to make use of the authorized IP address in order to acquire access to unblocked videos and get rid of the viruses.



In order to watch various videos on this website, the users need to have high speed internet connection. If you have slow internet connection, then all the videos buffer for long time.